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An overview of debt-to-income ratio

For most Americans, the balance between the amount of income they earn and the amount of debt they owe is a delicate one. Many people are able to manage this balance in a healthy way, never taking on more debt than they can reasonably be expected to pay back in short order. Others, however, are not so fortunate. Oftentimes, due to unforeseen events and reasons, leave them with poor credit and no way to increase their income.

The holidays, credit card debt and your credit score

The holiday season brings family and friends together for parties and gift giving, but, unfortunately for millions of Americans, the aftermath of the season also brings big credit card bills. Generosity can come back and cause problems in the New Year.

Getting back on your feet after credit card debt takes its toll

With the holiday season in full swing, millions of Americans are probably making a lot of purchases on their credit cards. For some people, credit cards offer a hassle-free method of paying for all types of things, from gifts to necessities, leaving the actual payment for later. But, taking on credit card debt can be a slippery slope, and in many cases what someone once thought was a few innocent purchases can lead to financial hardship down the road.

The alarm is sounded on consumer debt

Much was made of the efforts of millions of Americans to trim down their debt burdens and shore up their finances during the recent economic downturn. Experts noted how many people chose to spend their money a bit more wisely during the recession, and it was believed by some that perhaps that would translate into more financial security for many people as the economy improved. But, as always seems to be the case, as the economy has improved - albeit at a snail's pace - Americans are taking on more debt.

An overview of the CARD Act

Credit card users throughout America may not have realized it, but for the last few years a law passed by the United States Congress in 2009 has been providing them with significant protection. That law is known as the CARD Act, and it became effective on February 22, 2010.

Credit cards can lead to "bad debt"

Many of our Escondido readers have probably heard financial "experts" opine on the difference between "good debt" and "bad debt." For instance, a mortgage is often considered to be "good debt" because as a homeowner repays the loan they are building equity in what was once considered to be a very safe investment - real estate.

Californians are struggling with consumer debt

There are a lot of nationwide problems that are being discussed by politicians and the news media these days. Immigration concerns currently top the list, but other problems, like highway funds and student loan debt, are certainly issues that have an impact on Americans in every state, including California. However, there is apparently at least one large issue that does not seem to garner much attention, but that affects nearly one-third of all Americans: debt obligations that have been folded into the collections process.

Lessons of Independence Day applied to financial challenges

Freedom, independence and liberty were widely celebrated throughout America over the recent holiday weekend, and hopefully all of our Escondido readers were able to have a good time with friends and family members. Recognizing the importance of these American principles in the everyday lives of millions of people, a recent article took a somewhat different approach to how they can be implemented to practical effect - through freedom from credit card debt.

Repayment of credit card debt appears to be slowing down

It is hard to believe that the year is almost half over already. For some people, 2014 has so far been the year when they are finally getting their family finances in order after several years of a tough American economy. This can include paying back credit card debt.

Are the terms of your credit card account negotiable?

Many of our Escondido readers dread receiving their credit card bills in the mail each month. Not only do these statements point out the thousands in credit card debt that is owed, but they also point out the often very high interest rate that applies to the balance, as well as the minimum payment - which by itself can seem daunting for the average person who is simply struggling to make ends meet in today's troubled economy. With all of these terms spelled out, sometimes in bold lettering, these monthly statement can seem more like contracts in which the only party getting what they want is the credit card company.