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What happens to renters when a property is foreclosed?

Unfortunately, many California residents are in a high foreclosure demographic. To illustrate, a new report by an agency that tracks real estate transactions and foreclosure rates has shown that one in every 200 homes up in Merced, California, has been unable to stop foreclosure. Compared to the national average of one in every 563 homes facing foreclosure, this statistic puts Merced at a foreclosure rate that is almost twice the national average.

Bankruptcy for noted Irish radio disc jockey

California residents may be interested to know that one of Ireland's favorite pop DJs, Tony Fenton, has recently been the subject of a bankruptcy petition in Ireland. This action comes after the country's Revenue Commissioners filed a petition against him for failing to pay 879,695 Euros in tax liabilities and penalties. Mr. Fenton's property and assets will come under the control of an administrative official for the bankruptcy court who will have the power to sell any property belonging to Mr. Fenton and distribute the proceeds among his creditors.

California program to stop foreclosure expanded

These are stressful times for many California residents facing financial hardship. Often through no fault of their own, many people have found themselves either underwater on their mortgage or simply unable to continue making their payments. Indeed, there doesn't seem to be a lot of good news recently, but that may change somewhat, since a California program meant to stop foreclosures will be expanded to help even more people.

Bankruptcy and foreclosure high in California neighborhood

Lately, Californians with crushing financial debt have been seeking whatever legal means possible for relief. Indeed, in tough times such as these, even individuals and families already facing serious debt can be taken advantage of. That is why San Diego residents looking for debt relief may be interested in a story involving a California neighborhood where the number of bankruptcies and foreclosures is exceptionally high.

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