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March 2012 Archives

Credit card debtors may have been victimized by "robosigning"

Readers in the San Diego area have likely heard the term "robosigning." The term refers to the unethical practice of a bank signing off on financial documents without first verifying the details or having an employee review them. The problem saw a lot of attention during the widespread foreclosure wave that affected nearly every corner of the country in the last several years, recently resulting in a $25 billion settlement between 49 states and five of the nation's largest lenders, including JP Morgan Chase.

Is credit card debt discharged through bankruptcy taxable?

As readers in Escondido know, one consequence of the economic downturn of recent years has been the increase in credit card default by cardholders. This is understandable, given the pressures placed on those who have lost jobs or seen investments shrink. Comparatively speaking, paying off credit card debt would likely come second to paying for necessities like food, housing and child care.

Financially struggling medical facility chooses bankruptcy

For many readers in Escondido and throughout the country, it is increasingly common to hear something about bankruptcy while reading the news. In the current economy, many cities are facing financial troubles; big and small businesses are facing tough decisions about the future; both wealthy and struggling Americans are filing for personal bankruptcy; and now even some medical facilities are in need of bankruptcy protection.