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June 2012 Archives

Solyndra in the news again, Chapter 11 bankruptcy progressing

The solar panel company Solyndra should be familiar to most Americans by now, but especially with our readers in California. The California-based company has become quite the political hot potato, and it does not appear that mention of Solyndra while the president is on the campaign trail will end any time soon. Solyndra is currently going through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, and a recent report has indicated that the company will soon be submitting its proposal for restructuring its business model.

Some good news for Tribune Co.; bankruptcy could be near an end

Some of our readers may recall a post from last month concerning Tribune Co., the national media company that is currently in bankruptcy. Tribune owns the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, as well as television stations in San Diego and Los Angeles. The company has been going through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for quite awhile now, but it appears that the end of the process is in sight.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing for solar panel manufacturer

Most California residents are probably aware of the importance our state places on solar energy. California has long been a place where solar power has sought to flourish, especially in Southern California where sunny days are no rarity. But unfortunately, in recent years, the solar energy industry has sustained substantial financial losses.

How is the nation dealing with credit card debt?

Our San Diego-area readers have probably noticed that our previous posts for the most part have revolved around debt and how to deal with it. Mortgage debt, student loan debt and credit card debt: they can truly seem crushing, especially when one household is dealing with all of them. San Diego residents may be particularly interested in a recent Forbes article that takes the long view of the problem of credit card debt.