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September 2012 Archives

Who looks at bankruptcy, and how can it help with a fresh start?

With America's economy continuing to slowly struggle to pull itself from the depths of the recent recession, many people in Escondido may be looking for options on the best approach to dealing with strained financial situations. The housing market remains stagnant, unemployment numbers are less than encouraging and for some people most of the options don't look too appealing. However, anyone who is looking for a fresh start with their finances may not have thought of filing for bankruptcy yet, and what benefits doing so could bring to an individual or family's fiscal issues.

San Diego companies: avoid mistakes when considering bankruptcy

For a San Diego business that is considered a bankruptcy filing, there are options. First, if the company leaders believe that the businesses' financial situation can be turned around, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be the best option. In a Chapter 11 filing, the company is essentially looking for time - time to halt creditor collection efforts and provide the business with breathing room to submit a plan for reorganization, as well as an agreement with creditors on how to pay back debts.

Psychology and credit card debt -- what's the connection?

San Diego residents who are stuck watching as credit card bills pile up may be wondering about the best approach to paying what they owe. When a debt burden begins to get out of control, threatening a person's credit and ratcheting up the anxiety level, it can seem like there is no way the accumulated debt can be paid off. But some experts believe that the process of paying off credit card debt can be as much mental as it is financial, and a recent article suggested an approach which may seem counterintuitive.