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November 2012 Archives

'CSI' star looks for fresh start through bankruptcy filing

Most of our Escondido, California, readers wouldn't dispute that the economy almost seems to be barely crawling along. There are many people throughout the country, including in California, who are struggling just to make ends meet, while others are on the brink of financial collapse and may be looking to stop foreclosure on their homes. Either way, financial troubles can happen to anyone, and, in California, that includes celebrities.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy for California-based company

Even though many experts and politicians would have the American people believe that the economy is improving, there are still daily signs of individuals, families and companies who are struggling. As recent evidence of this, a California-based company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy early this month.

Eastman Kodak and Chapter 11 - two steps forward, one step back

There are many Americans who are likely following Eastman Kodak's continuing bankruptcy saga, including many in California. It can be such a strange thing to observe a company which for years was such a dominant powerhouse in one particular area of the economy to fall on tough times and be forced to adapt or close. Many adults throughout America can remember the times before digital cameras, when Kodak was the premier name in photography. However, as technology changed and Kodak failed to keep up, the company found itself in position to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January.

How much are Americans using their credit cards?

Like millions of Americans, many Escondido residents probably have at least one credit card. Some have more than one. And, like many others throughout the country, some of our Escondido readers are probably struggling with the best way to manage their credit as the country's economic malaise continues.