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'CSI' star looks for fresh start through bankruptcy filing

Most of our Escondido, California, readers wouldn't dispute that the economy almost seems to be barely crawling along. There are many people throughout the country, including in California, who are struggling just to make ends meet, while others are on the brink of financial collapse and may be looking to stop foreclosure on their homes. Either way, financial troubles can happen to anyone, and, in California, that includes celebrities.

Some of our readers may be familiar with actor Gary Dourdan. He was a star on the television series "CSI" for several years, and it was quite a lucrative gig. However, it appears that Dourdan is one of the many thousands who are experiencing difficulties with their finances, as he recently filed for bankruptcy.

In his bankruptcy filing, Dourdan listed assets of approximately $1.8 million against liabilities of about $1.73 million. According to the reports, the majority of his debts are owed to banks, including one that holds the mortgage on his Venice, California, home. Dourdan reported monthly income of approximately $14,883 per month. However, he also reported that his monthly bills add up to $14,562 per month.

The prospect of filing for bankruptcy can fill anyone with trepidation and emotional turmoil, celebrities included. However, when someone who is contemplating filing for bankruptcy gets the right information about the options available, it can quickly become obvious that bankruptcy is just one path toward a fresh start. Bankruptcy is a tool for the consumer to get out from under a crushing debt burden. With the economy not expected to make any sudden turnarounds anytime soon, some of our Escondido readers may discover that filing for bankruptcy can be the best option in a bad situation.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Gary Dourdan's Bankruptcy Filing: 'CSI' Star In Tough Financial Spot," Cavan Sieczkowski, Nov. 13, 2012

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