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February 2013 Archives

Credit cards and you - is there a way out?

Millions of individuals and families across the country, including, perhaps, some of our Escondido readers, are struggling with credit debt. It is not uncommon these days, even as there appear to be some faint signs of a potential economic recovery. Looking for a fresh start to a burdensome credit situation can feel like looking for a light switch in dark room. However, one of the most important principles to understand when approaching the issue of credit card debt in particular is the concept of interest.

San Diego business looks for a turnaround through Chapter 11

Although there have been modest signs of economic improvement over the last several months, conditions are still less than optimal for many individuals and businesses throughout the country. The San Diego area is not immune to the economic challenges many are facing. One local business, the San Diego Hospice, was facing significant financial challenges in part due to federal investigations and Medicare concerns, which led the company to recently file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Credit debt and you - what is the best path to a fresh start?

Millions of Americans struggle with credit card debt every year. Although credit problems don't always lead to a bankruptcy filing, struggling with a high credit balance can be more than many would care to think about. A person's credit rating is still important in this country, even as America's own credit rating has been called into question in recent years. With that in mind, a recent article detailed a few tips that many of our California readers may find useful in an attempt to get a handle on credit debt and move toward a fresh start.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy for former criminal defendant

Many of our Escondido readers probably remember the criminal trial of Casey Anthony. The case was a media sensation, with Anthony being tried for the murder of her very young child. It became even more sensational when Anthony was found not guilty of the murder, and was released from custody soon after the verdict came in. However, the troubles continue for Anthony, who recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.