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What do Escondido residents need to know about bankruptcy?

We're told that we are living in the "Information Age." From a casual look at daily life in America, it is easy to see why. The Internet has brought information to people who may not otherwise have access, and virtually every home in the country has a television on which news from around the world can be accessed every day. Of course, there are both positive and negative aspects to this amount of available information. But, when it comes to considering a personal bankruptcy filing, an Escondido resident can never have too much information.

Lawmaker looks to better inform first-time credit card holders

Many of our Escondido readers know the unfortunate reality that dealing with debt is not fun. People in America are burdened with all different types of debt in today's world, ranging from credit card debt to mortgage debt to student loan debt. And what all of these types of debt have in common is the impact they can have on a person's credit score. When debts grow beyond what an individual or family can endure, many will consider bankruptcy as an option to get a fresh start financially.

When Escondido businesses consider bankruptcy

Escondido business leaders make important decisions every day. In the best case scenarios, hopefully those decisions are on how to re-invest profits into the business in order to expand a customer base and increase profit margins. However, the unfortunate reality of the current national economy means that many businesses are making much different decisions, including whether or not to file for bankruptcy.

New reports show a growing divide in America's credit debt

The economic malaise continues in America, and Escondido residents are not immune to the ill effects of a struggling economy. Credit card debt continues to be a major problem for millions of Americans, and for many more an even bigger threat looms: student loan debt. However, since the downturn of the economy back at the end of 2007, many people have taken the opportunity to pay down debts and focus on building up savings. Others have found that they are in no position to make these types of financial changes. As a result, it appears that a new type of divide is taking place in America.