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May 2013 Archives

Do you know a college graduate with credit debt?

This time of year can be great for thousands of young people throughout the country who are in the process of wrapping up a lifetime of learning. College graduation ceremonies are taking place everywhere, and chances are that many of our Escondido readers know at least one friend or relative who is taking this next great step in their life. However, as the questions surrounding the value of a college education have begun to increase in recent years, some people may not know the reason: balancing the value of a college degree against thousands in credit debt.

Can your financial fresh start include college savings plans?

Some of our Escondido readers may be looking for a fresh start for their financial situations. There is no denying that the national economy does not seem to be recovering as quickly as everyone would like, and as a result there are still millions of Americans who are probably beginning to consider filing for bankruptcy as part of the solution to their own economic headaches. However, one of the main factors that might hold up a final decision is the belief that filing for bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy in particular, will result in the loss of all of the filer's assets. The fact of the matter is that this is simply not true. There are bankruptcy exemptions: assets that are protected under the law during the bankruptcy process.

California electric car company files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The West Coast, and California in particular, has been the focus of the so-called "green energy" revolution that is supposed to be taking place in America. Individuals and companies everywhere are trying to solve the riddle of how America will move on from the use of fossil fuels. Numerous solar energy companies have been founded in California, but unfortunately many go on to make news not because of the technological advances they make, but because so many have had to file for bankruptcy. Now, a green energy car company based in California, Coda Automotive, Inc., has joined that procession, having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently.

What questions should you be asking about credit debt?

Anyone who uses a credit card will probably have questions for their creditors at some point. For millions of Americans, probably including some people in Escondido, credit can be a mysterious concept to grasp, and pinning down the factors that play positive and negative roles can be hard to do. There is no doubt that credit cards can be very helpful if used correctly. However, credit debt is a burden no one ever wants to see get out of control. But, when it does, what are some of the questions our readers should be thinking about asking? A recent article addressed just that issue.

Does your business sector hold sway in a Chapter 11 filing?

Many of our Escondido readers probably know that when a business is struggling financially there are often more questions than answers. In the ever-important task of expanding a customer base and making products more well-known a company could take on more debt than it can handle, forcing the business leaders into uncomfortable decisions in the future. Interestingly enough, however, according to a recent article the type of business in question may have an influence on one of the more pressing decisions that needs to be made: whether or not to file for bankruptcy - and which type of bankruptcy to pursue.