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June 2013 Archives

Eastman Kodak trying to cross the Chapter 11 finish line

Many of our California readers may have been following along with previous posts here detailing the trials and tribulations that former American business powerhouse Eastman Kodak has been going through in recent years. Since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection near the end of 2011, the company has been conducting an all-out assault on making changes to its strained financial situation, and now it appears the efforts may result in an exit from bankruptcy in the near future.

Another company in "green" energy industry files for Chapter 11

Many people have probably heard of the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. These are the two most popular "green" energy, all-electric cars in America, although both have their drawbacks, including what many consumers would consider lofty price tags. However, it appears that these two vehicles may be in good position to catch some traction in the American auto market as time goes on.

Bankruptcy figures may be a sign of good things to come

Our Escondido readers may have seen the latest report on the unemployment rate in America, which recently ticked back up a bit. Even though more jobs are being created than are disappearing, most of the indications point toward a painfully slow economic recovery, in California and throughout the country. However, another barometer used by many experts, the rate of bankruptcy filings - both Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy and Chapter 11 business bankruptcy - provided a bit of good news in the latest figures.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for California-based grocery chain

Our Escondido readers probably know that smart business leaders often land upon an idea to match the right product with the right consumer, and the result is continuous or even increasing profit. For a small grocery store chain founded in California, known as Pro's Ranch Markets, that idea was to market Latin American food products throughout the Southwest, with stores in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.