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July 2013 Archives

California-based THQ concludes bankruptcy process

Our Escondido readers may recall a previous post here from back in December detailing the bankruptcy filing by former video game giant THQ. While the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a type of bankruptcy that is usually associated with efforts to reorganize a company, streamline a business focus and come to an agreement on business debt, THQ went into the Chapter 11 process with the intention of selling all of the company's assets. Now, approximately seven months later, it appears that THQ's bankruptcy case has come to a conclusion.

Solar companies are hurting everywhere, not just in California

Our readers have seen the evidence on previous posts here, and now they are about to see more: the solar energy industry is having a tough time in the global marketplace. Numerous companies based in California have had to file for bankruptcy in the last few years, with some opting for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and others going with a Chapter 7 "liquidation." However, as bad as the market has been for California solar companies, it appears that the problems are not isolated to the West Coast.

Pay down credit cards or file for bankruptcy?

There seems to be no shortage of advice out there on how to go about reducing credit card debt and polish up a credit report. With the national economy supposedly making a turnaround from the darkest days of the recession, many people may be keen to take up a plan to pay down debts and build up savings. A recent article suggested a few tips for those Escondido readers who may be so inclined to do just such a thing.

Custody fight leads to bankruptcy filing

There are many reasons why individuals and families throughout the country end up in tough financial situations. The economic downturn of recent years has left many people who were formerly on solid financial ground with a whole litany of concerns, and those who weren't fortunate enough to be in a good position to begin with went through even tougher times. Whether it is because of an unexpected medical condition or reliance on credit cards, for some the ultimate result to their financial distress is to file for bankruptcy.