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Bankruptcy is not all bad news for Escondido residents

Some of our Escondido readers may have so many financial problems that they simply have no idea how to approach them. Some people do their best to pay off debt and live within a budget. Others borrow money from payday loan stores and lean on credit cards just to make ends meet. Still others will look into the possibility for filing for personal bankruptcy. No one ever wants to find themselves in this type of situation, but is it really that bad to consider bankruptcy over the alternatives?

Tips for Escondido residents dealing with credit card debt

Many Escondido residents have one goal in mind when they think about their financial situation: get out of debt. But, oftentimes, that may be easier said than done. With that in mind, a recent article noted a few different strategies on how to get out of debt, specifically credit card debt.

Is it true that bankruptcy can't help with student loans?

When an Escondido resident is considering whether or not they should look into a personal bankruptcy filing, the decision can be driven by a variety of reasons. Some people may have thousands in credit card debt - so much that they think it might be impossible to pay it all back with interest accumulating every month. Others want to stop foreclosure actions on their homes and know that filing for bankruptcy will stay those proceedings. And, increasingly every day, millions of Americans are dealing with medical debt. However, now and in the years to come, there will be millions more facing another kind of debt - student loan debt.

San Diego cloud-computing company files for Chapter 11

Advances in technology can lead to the formation of new business ventures, often with an eye toward perfecting advances and profiting handsomely. The last several years have seen advances which have had a huge impact on a whole way of life for many Escondido residents, whether it is from the development of smartphones, added perks in an automobile or simply smaller, faster computers. When it comes to technology, it almost seems like a new product is obsolete before a costumer can get it out of the box.

Pay off the credit card or carry a balance from month to month?

After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many people face the prospect of rebuilding their credit. Many financial experts would probably tell our Escondido that this is a difficult task that will take years to accomplish. However, once someone has that fresh start that a discharge of debt through bankruptcy offers, they will usually be more receptive to advice on how to manage their finances and, eventually, how to manage credit cards.