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December 2013 Archives

How will Escondido residents deal with credit debt in new year?

Now that Christmas has come and gone, most people are starting to re-gear toward the new year and getting back to the regular routine. For some Escondido residents, this simply means continuing the same old financial practices. However, the new year could leave others looking for a fresh start when it comes to credit debt.

Ski resorts looks to emerge from Chapter 11 process

Many California residents spend a lot of time at ski resorts in the winter months, trying to take advantage of good snowfall by downhill skiing and snowboarding. However, in recent years ski resorts throughout the country have been facing tough times, as the moribund economy forces Americans to spend less on recreational activities. As a result, some ski resorts have had to turn to Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an attempt to survive until the economy recovers. Fortunately, some of these ski resorts are now coming out the other side of the bankruptcy process.

California winery files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

California residents and businesses alike have been hard hit by the difficult economy the country has faced over the last several years. While there has been some recovery, not every industry has been able to fully recover. Many have been left with debts that they cannot manage to pay off even with some economic growth. Many businesses have turned to Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a way to restructure their debt to make themselves more competitive in this new economic environment.

Could holiday credit card use leave you out in the cold?

For many Escondido residents, the onset of the holiday season means good times at get-togethers with family members and friends, shopping for the perfects gifts for loved ones and sometimes even enjoying a little bit cooler weather. But, as most people know, this is also a time of year when many Americans put their credit in jeopardy.

Liquidation or Chapter 11? Businesses often face tough questions

Many of our Escondido readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that California businesses have a variety of options when profits begin to shrink. The economic turmoil of the last several years has forced thousands of businesses to take a hard look in the mirror and come up with a new model for achieving success. For some, that internal review resulted in the decision to file for bankruptcy. But, if a company does come to that decision, there is yet another decision to make: what type of bankruptcy will the company file?