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February 2014 Archives

What to do when expenses add up but income declines?

The last several years included economic recession and stagnation that has been extremely hard for millions of Americans, including many of our Escondido readers. Most of the time when an individual or family is dealing with significant financial hardship, all options are usually on the table. During the years of economic turmoil, the first option may have been to turn to funds held in savings accounts. After those funds were depleted, the next option may have been to turn to credit cards.

Filing for bankruptcy is an option for almost anyone

Any of our Escondido readers who have children are probably pretty familiar with Nickelodeon, and anyone familiar with that TV station probably remembers the show "Drake & Josh." Although the show is no longer on the air, one of the stars, Drake Bell, has attempted to continue his acting career. However, Bell, now 27-years-old, has apparently run into some financial problems and is filing for bankruptcy.

California music festival company files for Chapter 11

Some of our Escondido readers may remember BottleRock 2013, a music festival held at the Napa Expo in May of last year that spanned five days. Some of our readers may have even made the trip north to attend the event. Unfortunately, the event caused quite a bit of financial distress for the company that produced it, BR Festivals LLC. As a result, the company recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Building up to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

With America's current stagnant economic situation it seems like businesses can face a financial crisis at almost any given point in time. It has been several years since the nation's economy has been in a healthy state, and, unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a full recovery on the horizon any time soon. As a result, businesses are being put in a position where all options need to be on the table to address financial issues. For some, that can even include a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.