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March 2014 Archives

Will credit card companies inform you about your credit score?

Most of our Escondido and San Diego readers face financial challenges from time to time, and when they do all options are usually on the table. For some, just trying to take care of necessary expenses can lead to racking up huge amounts of credit card debt. And, in the aftermath, an individual or family will not only have to deal with the debt, but most likely there will be other, less visible consequences - like a poor credit score.

Textbook company finishes up business bankruptcy process

Many companies that file for business bankruptcy may not get to experience what it is like to come out the other side of the process in better financial shape than they went in. If a business owner chooses to pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, that will usually mean that the company plans to close down after any and all assets are sold off to satisfy debts. However, when a company goes through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, many times the company is able to emerge once the process is completed and carry on with business.

Video services company filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Many businesses, including some in Escondido, have regular contact with governmental regulatory agencies. While this is a concern that is larger for some more than others, any kind of regulation that specifies how certain aspects of a business need to operate are an important factor to consider in the cost of doing business. It appears that for one company in a Western state in particular, government regulations may have played a significant role in the company's recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Hospital pursues business bankruptcy

Many people view hospitals as more public service than businesses dedicated to generating a profit. However, the reality is that many hospitals are indeed focused on profits, although of course most recognize that the path toward profitability is offering the best medical care possible. But, the perception of hospitals as a public service remains, and that can make it a shock when a hospital decides to pursue a bankruptcy filing.