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June 2014 Archives

California restaurant chain files for business bankruptcy

Some of our Escondido readers may be familiar with the restaurant known as Elephant Bar, a popular California-based chain that specializes in internationally inspired dishes. But, fans may have a harder time finding a location where the restaurant is still in operation these days, after the company that runs the restaurant filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 16 and closed 16 locations.

Repayment of credit card debt appears to be slowing down

It is hard to believe that the year is almost half over already. For some people, 2014 has so far been the year when they are finally getting their family finances in order after several years of a tough American economy. This can include paying back credit card debt.

California grocery chain ready to emerge from business bankruptcy

Many of our Escondido readers probably like to hear success stories, and the recent emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy for one California company definitely qualifies. The company, a popular Mexican grocery store chain called "Mi Pueblo," was founded in 1991 and has several stores in a few different locations in California. Last year, however, even despite the rising popularity and demand for Mexican food items, the company hit a low point.

Is it taboo to consider filing for bankruptcy?

"Should I consider filing for bankruptcy?" This question begins for many people as a whisper of a thought in the back of their minds as they look over all of their financial commitments and compare them to the, at times, trickle of income they rely upon. While for many years there was a middle-class in this country that was able to meet all of their financial obligations, and at the same time put aside retirement savings, emergency fund savings and perhaps even college savings for their children, those days seem long gone for many people, most likely including many of our Escondido readers. For the vast majority of people throughout America these days, income is basically spent as quickly as it is earned, as millions exist in hand-to-mouth fashion.