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The full range of options when considering a bankruptcy filing

For some Escondido residents, financial problems are a creeping issue that only seems to be out of control after years of problems finally catch up. For others, a sudden life event, like a divorce or a medical issue, could throw a carefully planned and stable financial plan completely off the rails. In some cases, a personal bankruptcy filing may be the right decision.

However, for most people there is more to it than just deciding that filing for bankruptcy is the first step toward reconciling a financial situation set askew. What about tax considerations? And will all of person's debt be addressed with a bankruptcy filing? Or will some debt obligations still exist?

What if the issue has more to do with a foreclosure action than credit card debt? And what about your retirement accounts? Will they be seized and liquidated, or will you get to keep the funds you have been saving all of your life?

At our firm, we attempt to make sure that each of our clients and potential clients know the full range of options available to them before they make any life-altering decisions. We have helped many Escondido residents who ultimately came to the decision that filing for bankruptcy was the right move. However, we have also helped other clients who were able to find a different solution to their financial problems. For more information about how our firm attempts to help people make the right decision in their own unique situation, please visit our website.

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