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Weighing the pros and cons about filing for bankruptcy

Most of our Escondido readers weigh the pros and cons of any major decision before settling on a final choice. For those who are facing financial challenges, weighing the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy is very important. Personal bankruptcy is a popular debt solution that can make a major impact on a person's financial status, sometimes with effects lasting for years.

When a business is considering a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

Being a business owner is not easy. Decisions need to be made every day that could impact the long-term viability of the operation. Profitability is always the main objective, but it can be hard to manage a profit when employees need to be taken care of, contracts need to be honored and customers need to be satisfied. For some businesses, the finances simply get out of hand at times. When that happens, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be a good option in a bad situation.

Determining whether San Diego bankruptcy is the best option

At our law firm, we attempt to help San Diegans through the bankruptcy process. We know San Diegans can be daunting and, at times, confusing for people who do not have any type of experience with this kind of financial option. Those who have decided to file for personal bankruptcy protection usually have all kinds of questions. At our law firm, we do our best to explain the bankruptcy process, so our clients are satisfied with the answers they receive.

Are spousal support and child support discharged in bankruptcy?

Millions of Americans, including many Escondido residents, pay either spousal support or child support as required by a court order. For most people who are subject to these orders, the monthly payments are simply another financial obligation that needs to be accounted for in their budgets. But, for others, they may get behind on making the payments, leading to thousands of dollars owed in arrears. For these individuals, they may think that a personal bankruptcy filing could do away with the obligations. But is that actually an option?