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November 2015 Archives

What is the goal of a bankruptcy filing?

Millions of Americans have had to face severe financial challenges over the last several years. For some, the prospect of filing a personal bankruptcy action may have popped up as an option. But, from the court's perspective, what should an Escondido resident's goal be when filing for bankruptcy?

Have the right goals when filing for bankruptcy

The up-and-down nature of economic reports over the last few months - some good news, then some bad news - has probably left millions of Americans in a financial lurch. There are many different financial questions that are likely to be discussed at dinner tables in Escondido and around the country: is this a safe time to buy a new home? Is my retirement savings safe? Will filing for bankruptcy now help my family down the road?

Exemption plan - the difference between exempt and non-exempt

Any of our Escondido readers who are familiar with previous posts here may know that when a person files for bankruptcy there are certain bankruptcy exemptions that will come into play. But, what they may not know is that sorting through the various options under the applicable California bankruptcy exemptions can be quite difficult. That is why it is important to sit down and come up with a comprehensive exemption plan.

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy didn't help El Segundo company

For some companies that go through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, it is the only time when the company really needs to focus on an overhaul, change a business model and get back to the business of profitability. For others, however, going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy is no guarantee of turning things around.