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Have the right goals when filing for bankruptcy

The up-and-down nature of economic reports over the last few months - some good news, then some bad news - has probably left millions of Americans in a financial lurch. There are many different financial questions that are likely to be discussed at dinner tables in Escondido and around the country: is this a safe time to buy a new home? Is my retirement savings safe? Will filing for bankruptcy now help my family down the road?

When an individual or family in Escondido is weighing these all-important questions, it is crucial that the answer be approached from the standpoint of knowing your goals. Some huge financial decisions, such as buying a home, could lead to major financial challenges quickly if the borrower is not prepared for such a large commitment in their monthly budget. Others, such as looking into a personal bankruptcy filing as a quick debt solution, may seem like they hurt in the short-term, but could leave the filer in a much better financial position later on.

The main question is: what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to address problems that are affecting the here-and-now? Or are you trying to set yourself up for financial success a few years down the road?

At our law firm, we attempt to work with your clients to determine their goals and how best to achieve them. For some people who have gone into a bankruptcy filing and come out the other side, the time is right to make moves to rebuild credit. Others have reached a crossroads: they need to file for bankruptcy in order to get back on their feet as soon as possible. For more information on how our law firm helps Escondido residents achieve their financial goals, please visit our website.

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