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How do you move on after a bankruptcy filing?

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can cause quite a bit of anxiety for Escondido residents, but when the process is complete they will likely feel one overwhelming feeling: relief. A bankruptcy filing, particularly a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, can go a long way toward curing many of the financial problems that Escondido residents may face. In other words, for those who qualify, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an effective debt solution that allows them to find a fresh financial start.

But, what does someone who has successfully concluded the bankruptcy process do in the immediate aftermath of the filing's resolution? Some people mistakenly believe that filing for bankruptcy is a deathblow to their chances of ever again receiving financial assistance by way of loans or credit cards. The fact is that the days and months immediately following the discharge of debt in a bankruptcy filing can be crucial.

Many of our Escondido readers may not realize that a person's credit score can in fact be rebuilt after a bankruptcy filing. Of course, doing so requires planning, discipline and focus on the ultimate goal: becoming creditworthy once again.

At our law firm, we know that our clients not only want to address their immediate debt problems with a bankruptcy filing, but also want to reform their entire financial outlook so that they never end up in the same position again. As good of a solution as filing for bankruptcy may be when an Escondido resident is dealing with overwhelming debt, we also work with our clients to help them make sure they don't have to do so again. For more information, please visit the "Life After Bankruptcy" section of our website.

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