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Credit card debt consolidation versus bankruptcy

A recent post here covered the burgeoning reports of the increase in credit card debt in America. Seeing those reports can make a person wonder, just how high will credit card debt get in our country? But, for any Escondido resident who is already dealing with mounting credit card debt, the better question may be, what can I do about my own credit card debt issues? For some people, the choice may come down to filing for bankruptcy or attempting to consolidate their credit card debt.

Keeping your home when filing for bankruptcy in Escondido

The prospect of filing for bankruptcy can make some Escondido residents feel confused. After all, there aren't a lot of voices out there letting people know how a personal bankruptcy can help individuals and families address their financial challenges. In fact, some Escondido residents may be aware that there are some myths about bankruptcy, that are perpetuated, but may not be true. For example, some people may fear that they will lose their home if they file for bankruptcy.

How high could credit card debt get in America?

Most of our Escondido readers have heard many of the news reports that student loan debt is reaching an incredibly high overall amount from borrowers in America, and is becoming quite a burden. But credit card debt is rising too in San Diego and the United States. And that has some professionals asking, just how high could credit card debt in America get and what does it mean for the nation's economy?

Variety of options for Escondido residents in need of debt relief

Millions of Americans have financial debt. And, whether it is a mortgage, a car loan, student loan debt or credit card debt, these individuals and families, including many in Escondido, deal with the debt in different ways. For some, paying off their debt is simply a matter of making monthly payments on time. But, for others, this approach isn't an option, as their debt obligations outreach their monthly income.

Some experts predict a rise in retail business bankruptcies

Our Escondido readers may have seen previous posts here that discuss the ever-present need for businesses in today's economy to adapt to changing customer preferences and behaviors. There have been plenty of companies that have cited the changing dynamics of the economy when filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Internet, of course, is a significant catalyst for change in today's retail sales market.