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What can you do if a creditor challenges a debt discharge?

Many people who decide to file for bankruptcy experience a bit of anxiety. That is natural, as filing for bankruptcy can be a major financial move. But, an Escondido resident's anxiety about a personal bankruptcy can be compounded if a creditor challenges a debt discharge.

Why would a creditor challenge a discharge of debt? Well, there are many different reasons, including allegations of fraud or assertions that a person "ran up" credit card balances in the months leading up to the bankruptcy action. Or, a creditor could make an assertion that challenges the fact that certain financial documents may not have been properly turned over to the bankruptcy trustee. These types of challenges are not all that common, but they do occur. And, when they do occur, what was once a simple bankruptcy case could become much more complicated.

At our law firm, we attempt to help our clients both before and after they file for bankruptcy. It is important to examine a person's full financial picture in order to make sure that Escondido residents are getting the best advice about what the potential legal consequences might be in any given situation. In examining our clients' financial status prior to filing for bankruptcy, potential legal issues may be spotted that can be addressed ahead of time.

Filing for bankruptcy is anxiety-inducing enough without a creditor challenge. But, if a creditor does challenge a debt discharge, there may be options. For more information, please visit the creditor challenge overview section of our law firm's website.

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