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How do businesses end up filing for bankruptcy? - Part I

Many of our Escondido readers are probably used to seeing news reports about business that file of bankruptcy. Indeed, many previous posts here have detailed some examples of companies that file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy - businesses like clothing retailers and sporting goods stores. Some people may think, "Oh well, another company that wasn't selling something that people wanted to buy." But, is there more to it than that? How do businesses end up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? There is no short answer, but there are some concrete possibilities in almost every case. In Part I of a two-part series, we will examine some of the possible reasons.

Signs point toward golf retailer filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

There is no shortage of golfers in the Escondido area, which is why many of our readers may be surprised to hear that the largest golf retailer in the world is reportedly on the precipice of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The report comes on the heels of a reported failure of the retailer to complete a sale of the company.

The information you need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When Escondido residents are facing serious financial challenges, it can be a good idea to take things one step at a time to attempt to get to a solution. For many individuals and families, the first step is to get a full grasp of the entirety of the problems. Is there a lack of income? Are there unexpected expenses that are straining the household budget? Or, as is the case for many people throughout America, including in Escondido, is personal debt becoming an overwhelming hole to dig out of?

Clothing retailer's business bankruptcy takes an awkward turn

A previous post here from a few months back touched on clothing retailer Aeropostale's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. At that time, the business had hoped to keep some of the company's stores open throughout the bankruptcy process, and exit in a stronger position to maintain profitability. However, recent reports indicate that this may no longer be an attainable goal.