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Educating Clients and Dispelling Myths about Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy myths prevent clients from taking a necessary legal step to alleviate the stress in their lives. At the law office of attorney Judith A. Descalso in Escondido, California, we will clearly communicate with you throughout the entire process. That includes clearing up any misconceptions you may have.

When it comes to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, don’t believe everything you read and hear. Disregard bankruptcy myths. Get the facts about debt discharge from us. Contact us at 760-670-4863 or toll-free at 866-497-6196.

Bankruptcy Myths Involving Eligibility

At the Law Office of Judith A. Descalso, we constantly reassure clients that the 2005 bankruptcy laws did not take away the ability to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The legislation passed involved taking extra steps in the process, including determination of the nature of your debt, evaluation of incomes to see if you are either below the median income for your state or if you pass a means. The test factors in your income, expenses and the number of people in your household.

The fact is that most clients still qualify for that type of protection.

Bankruptcy Myths Involving Your Property

Clients needlessly worry about someone coming in to seize all of their possessions upon the filing of a Chapter 7. Not true. Your clothes and furniture are safe. Household appliances will not be seized. You will have to make important decisions with regard to maintaining your mortgage and car payments.

You can file bankruptcy. Your possessions are safe, including IRAs and 401(k)s. Means tests and credit counseling are extra steps that we will help you take. Do not let bankruptcy myths prevent you from getting that fresh start and second chance.

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