Helping With Your Financial Future

Victim Of A Scam?

Financial scams are all too common. In today’s digital world, there are many avenues for scammers to exploit people – through phone, text, email and social media, to name a few.

Scam victims may find themselves out hundreds or thousands of dollars as a result of a single scam. Often, there is no way to recoup that money. Victims may find themselves spiraling into debt, racking up credit card debt and payday loans to make ends meet.

Getting Back On Firm Financial Footing

For people who are struggling with debt or financial woes as a result of scams, bankruptcy may offer a way forward. The right kind of bankruptcy can help you get out from under credit card debt, payday loans and other eligible debts. It can also help you prevent foreclosure and catch up on mortgage payments.

At The Law Office of Judith A. Descalso, we help people through the bankruptcy process. Our lawyer is a certified bankruptcy specialist with decades of experience helping people through bankruptcy. She can advise you on whether bankruptcy is the right choice for your situation, and if so, which type of bankruptcy is best to pursue. She will work hard to help you recover financially from the tremendous and unfortunate setback you’ve experienced.

Common Types Of Scams

Scams can take many forms. Scammers may gain access to your financial information by:

  • Posing as the IRS, Social Security Administration or law enforcement
  • Posing as a bank or financial institution
  • Sending fake emails or texts (“phishing”) requesting your login information or pointing you to a fake login website that looks like the real website
  • Soliciting donations to a fake organization
  • Offering an investment opportunity that turns out to be a ruse
  • Sending you a fake notice that you’ve won the lottery, sweepstakes or another reward

Scammers often target vulnerable people such as young adults and seniors. They are sneaky enough that they often never get caught. The sad result is that innocent and trusting people end up losing significant sums of their hard-earned money.

Let Us Help You Sort Out The Financial Mess After You’ve Been Scammed

We understand what a headache and nightmare it is to find out that you’ve been scammed. Our bankruptcy attorney can help you set things right again. To learn more about your options, please contact us through the website or call 760-670-4863 to reach our office in Escondido, California.

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