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We Can Help Save Your Business Through Chapter 11

If you are a business owner or individual with significant secured debt or non-exempt assets, we can help you with a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. At The Law Office of Judith A. Descalso in Escondido, California, you can count on us for personalized service and attention to detail.

Establishing a business was a dream come true. Now, that dream has become a nightmare of financial problems. You have options to get a fresh start and still maintain ownership of your business. Contact us at 760-670-4863 or toll-free at 866-497-6196.

Your Life In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

At The Law Office of Judith A. Descalso, we prepare our clients for all the duties they will have as a Chapter 11 debtor. There are challenges you face following the successful Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Monthly operating reports, quarterly fees to the U.S. trustee and a debtor in possession bank account will become major parts of your business life.

We will help you along the way to protect the business you worked so hard to build.

Benefits And Challenges In Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Yes, you will need court authority before making certain financial decisions. Yes, you will have to account for every penny you spend. However, the benefit you will receive following a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is time. The time you need to emerge from the bankruptcy. There is no time limit. In addition, you will have attorney Judith A. Descalso at your side the entire time.

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