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Knowing the tax implications of filing for bankruptcy

There are so many factors to consider for an Escondido resident who is contemplating whether or not to file for bankruptcy that it is understandable if tax considerations are at the bottom of the list - or even forgotten altogether. No one likes to think about taxes, but with the end of the year fast approaching it is important to know that there can be significant tax implications both in the planning stages and in the aftermath of a personal bankruptcy filing.

Considering all the options when facing financial challenges

For California residents facing severe financial problems, filing for bankruptcy is certainly an option. A personal bankruptcy filing can discharge debt and leave the filer with fewer monthly bills to worry about all the time. From there, the filer will slowly be able to see that moving forward with financial issues is likely to be much easier.

Getting back on your feet after a bankruptcy filing

There is an unfortunate perception among many Americans that filing for bankruptcy is the culmination of a string of poor financial decisions. While it is true that no one wants to find themselves in a position where they even need to consider bankruptcy to begin with, the fact is that filing for bankruptcy shouldn't be viewed as the end of the line for the filer's financial situation. It should be viewed as the beginning - the first step toward greater financial freedom and stability.

How do you know if bankruptcy is the right decision?

Escondido residents who are facing the most difficult of financial challenges will usually contemplate filing for bankruptcy at some point. But, for many people, knowing whether or not bankruptcy is the right option is hard, and they find themselves thinking: "I know bankruptcy helps people, but is it right for me?" Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question because every individual and family has a completely different set of circumstances. However, if you have begun to think that bankruptcy could be a legitimate option in your situation, there are a few things to think about.

Things to consider when thinking of filing for Chapter 7

Many of our Escondido readers who contemplate the decision of filing for bankruptcy are filled with trepidation. Some feel like they are evading their financial obligations in a shameful way, while others may be concerned about whether or not they qualify for bankruptcy at all.

Can you include student loans when filing for bankruptcy?

Any of our Escondido readers who have seen discussions about student loans and bankruptcy in previous posts here know that it is next to impossible to get those loans discharged in a bankruptcy filing. However, does that mean that there is absolutely, positively, no way to get student loans discharged in any circumstances? According to a recent article, the answer is "no."

Debate continues on filing for bankruptcy and student loan debts

By now most of our Escondido readers have heard about the looming problem that exploding student debt obligations presents to our country. Beyond that, many also know that student loan debt cannot be discharged in a personal bankruptcy action either, leaving few, if any, options for individuals drowning in this type of debt. After all, if an Escondido resident finds themselves plagued by almost any other type of debt, especially something like credit card debt, they know that filing for bankruptcy can be a solid option to get the debt discharged in order to begin to rectify an individual or family financial situation. So, are there any options for addressing student loan debt?

Is it taboo to consider filing for bankruptcy?

"Should I consider filing for bankruptcy?" This question begins for many people as a whisper of a thought in the back of their minds as they look over all of their financial commitments and compare them to the, at times, trickle of income they rely upon. While for many years there was a middle-class in this country that was able to meet all of their financial obligations, and at the same time put aside retirement savings, emergency fund savings and perhaps even college savings for their children, those days seem long gone for many people, most likely including many of our Escondido readers. For the vast majority of people throughout America these days, income is basically spent as quickly as it is earned, as millions exist in hand-to-mouth fashion.

Actress filing for bankruptcy in California

California residents are accustomed to hearing quite a bit of celebrity news in their daily lives. This is no surprise since many famous actors and musicians call California home. While there are sometimes good, heartwarming stories about celebrities helping charities to raise money or adopting children from poverty-stricken foreign countries, more often than not celebrities make news for the wrong reasons. While one actress caught some negative news coverage recently, fortunately it was not for an arrest or entering drug rehab. Teri Polo, one of the stars of the "Meet the Parents" movies, filed for personal bankruptcy.

Do Escondido residents know about the balance of taxes and debt?

With the April 15 tax-filing deadline having already come and gone, many of our Escondido readers have probably taken their last comprehensive look at their finances for the year. Everyone knows that filing taxes each year can be a grueling process, but the reality is that this time of year also offers individuals and families an excellent opportunity to assess the current state of their overall financial health - and perhaps predict the impact of certain debt obligations going forward and whether or not filing for bankruptcy may be in play.